Owner & Co-Founder
Jorge Castillo, along with his wife Bella, is the driving force behind Black Diamond RGV. Their journey from running a mobile car wash to owning a successful auto detailing shop is a story of hard work, family partnership, and constant improvement.

Jorge began his career as a crane operator, a job that kept him away from home for long stretches. Seeking a better balance between work and family life, he and Bella started a mobile car wash. This venture allowed them to work together during Jorge’s breaks. When he was away, Bella managed the business, ensuring its growth and stability.

Their dedication soon led them from working out of their garage to opening a shop, marking the birth of Black Diamond RGV. Jorge’s passion lies in the challenge of doing things better, aiming for excellence in every aspect of his business, especially in customer service.

Despite the demands of his business, family remains Jorge’s priority. He values the time spent with his daughters, balancing his busy work life with precious family moments.

Jorge’s journey is a testament to the power of dedication, family partnership, and the relentless pursuit of improvement. Through Black Diamond RGV, he has created not just a successful business, but a legacy of quality and excellence.


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